Amy D.

“My daughter is new to tennis and I appreciate how Kip goes back to the basics when she gets too far ahead of herself. I will occasionally join a lesson too as it’s a great benefit for me to review my swings and hear what I’m doing wrong, or right! Kip is good for any level of player and world you every minute of a lesson!”

Samantha A.

“Kip is great with kids and has a true passion for tennis. He brings a lot of enthusiasm to his lessons which makes it fun for my kids. My kids look forward to their next lesson. Highly recommend this coach!”

Greg S.

“Kip does such an incredible job keeping my girls engaged and has really taught them a lot about tennis! Highly recommend Kip to anyone!!!”

Adrienne B.

“Kip Cobb is an excellent tennis coach! He has coached my ladies team and also my teenagers. He has so much energy and makes it fun for every age!! He also happens to be a REALLY nice guy! Highly recommend!!”

Brandie A.

“If you need tennis lessons, I highly recommend Kip Cobb! Kip is positive, full energy and makes lessons fun. My team has been coached by Kip for years (winning an ALTA plate was a testament to his skills) and my son is starting lessons with Kip. Couldn’t think of anyone better to get him started!”

Jolie R.

“Coach Kip is the greatest coach I’ve ever had. He is fun, encouraging, and a great teacher. He will definitely teach you the sport and you will love it learning from him. If you are thinking about lessons from him, I cannot recommend him enough!”

Greg M.

“Kip is a great coach for us and our kids! Always fun and productive lessons!”

Melissa S.

“I've known Kip for several years. Met him when he coached my Sunday Womens team. Ever since I've been back in coaching with him either in groups or in individual lessons. He's great at watching and explaining how to make improvements and is ALWAYS supportive!”

David G.

“I head the sports science division of a performance tech company (VERT) and have had the pleasure of knowing Kip for years. Part of being a good coach is always learning, looking for any way you can provide your athletes with an edge and Kip is constantly looking for the best ways to help is athletes succeed. Whether that be new training drills or monitoring training load to optimize performance, Kip goes that extra mile for his athletes.”

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